Woodplay Playhouse XL 6′ (PH.6XLB)

26' x 20' playset with a 6' high XL deck, complete with a double gable Wooden Roof, engaging monkey bars, and a ramp with ropes.

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Introducing the Woodplay Playhouse XL Playset: A realm of adventure and sturdy design, perfect for cultivating your child's imagination and physical skills. This playset combines robust construction with a variety of engaging features, ensuring a safe and dynamic outdoor experience. Here's why the Playhouse XL stands out as an ideal addition to your family's backyard:

Durable and Safe Construction:

  • Robust Lumber: Crafted with high-quality, larger lumber for superior strength and longevity.
  • Sturdy Beams: The structure is reinforced with 4"x6" beams and notched angle braces, offering unmatched durability and safety.

Engaging Play Features:

  • Rock Wall: A challenging feature with 16 hand grips and a rope for climbing enthusiasts.
  • Varied Access Points: Includes a Wooden Step Ladder and a Ramp with ropes for different levels of climbing fun.
  • Dynamic Climbing: The Monkey Climber attachment provides an extra dimension of active play.
  • 6-in-1 Picnic Table: A versatile space for activities, from snacks to crafts.

Active Fun Elements:

  • 12’ Super Slide: A long slide for thrilling descents.
  • Three-Position Swing Set: Comes with two belt swings and a toddler bucket swing for varied ages.
  • Extra Swing Feature: A Single Cantilever Swing Arm and a Trapeze Bar with rings add to the swinging fun.

Imaginative Play Accessories:

  • Exploratory Tools: A Periscope and Binoculars for imaginative lookout play.
  • Safety First: Two 62″ Safety Handrails ensure secure climbing and play.

Adaptable and Long-Lasting:

  • Customizable Accessories: The playset's design allows for interchangeable accessories, adapting as your children grow.
  • Quality Materials: Constructed from cedar, known for its natural resistance to decay, without the use of harsh chemicals.
  • Industry-Leading Warranty: Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with Woodplay's limited lifetime warranty.

Ideal Base Design:

  • Square Base: Perfectly suited for level yards, enabling the addition of popular accessories under the deck.
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What's Included in the Playhouse XL Playset:

  • Playhouse XL Fort: A robust central play structure.
  • Double Gable Wooden Roof: For added durability and protection.
  • Rock Wall: Featuring 16 hand grips and a rope for climbing.
  • Wooden Step Ladder: Safe and easy access to the playhouse.
  • Ramp with Ropes: An alternative climbing feature for varied play.
  • Monkey Climber: Adds an extra dimension of climbing fun.
  • 6-in-1 Picnic Table: Versatile for snacks, crafts, and games.
  • 12’ Super Slide: A long, thrilling slide for active play.
  • Three-Position Swing Set: Includes two belt swings and a toddler bucket swing.
  • Single Cantilever Swing Arm: Adds flexibility to the swing set.
  • Trapeze Bar with Rings: For budding acrobats.
  • Periscope and Binoculars: Encourages imaginative exploration.
  • Safety Handrails: Two 62″ handrails for additional safety.

Every Woodplay Playhouse Playset also includes:

  • Premium Cedar Lumber: High-quality, durable, and naturally resistant to decay and insects.
  • Safe Design: Rounded edges to eliminate sharp corners.
  • Strong Construction: Triple joint construction with bigger, more robust beams.
  • Quality Hardware: Galvanized, recessed, and capped for safety and durability.
  • Non-Toxic Stain and Sealant: Water-based and environmentally friendly, providing long-lasting protection.
  • Scalable Design: Can grow and change with your family's needs.
  • Professional Installation: Offered by certified Woodplay Playset installers.
  • "No Kidding" Guarantee: Woodplay's commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Product Specifications for Woodplay Playhouse XL 6′ (PH.6XLB):

Deck Size:

  • Playhouse Deck is 36 square feet with a height of 6 feet.

Swing Beam Height: 9 feet

Overall Dimensions:

  • Length is 26'6"
  • Width is 20'5"
  • Height is 13'3"

Installation Services:

  • Availability: Professional installation is available exclusively in Southern California.
  • Contact Information: For more details or to schedule installation, please call 1-866-258-3220.

Playhouse XL 6′ (PH.6XLB) Warranty

The Woodplay Playsets Playhouse (PH.6XLB) includes a Limited Lifetime (All wooden components, Super Slide, Hurricane Slide and Apline Slide), and a 5-Year warranty (All chains, seats, swing hangers, hardware, metal braces, ropes and accessories).

Limited Lifetime Warranty:

In addition, for the lifetime of your playset, Woodplay warrants, to the original retail purchaser, all wooden components against structural failure due to corrosion, wood rot, or insect infestation. Seasonal checks, surface cracks, knotholes and knots, natural characteristics of all wooden play equipment, not resulting in structural failure, are not covered under this warranty. And will not affect the integrity of your playset. Woodplay warrants to the original retail customer that we will replace any swing hangers, swing chains, metal braces, metal rungs or hardware that fail due to breakage (excludes surface rust). This limited lifetime warranty also applies to our exclusive Super Slide, Hurricane Slide and Alpine Slide.

5-Year Warranty:

Subject to proper installation and normal residential use, Woodplay warrants, subject to the limitations stated below, to the original retail purchaser, all chain, seats, swing hangers, hardware, metal braces, ropes and accessories to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of five years from date of purchase. Cracks in non-functional plastic components are not considered defects in materials and workmanship if they do not affect the functionality of the playset. Merchandise covered under this limited five-year warranty will, at our option, be repaired or replaced, excluding any freight or labor fees.

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