Universal Backboard Pad

Pro-Style Safety Feature for Aggressive Play.

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Introducing Goalrilla's Top-Notch Universal Backboard Padding: Unrivaled Safety and Durability!

At Goalrilla, safety is our paramount concern. We take pride in crafting basketball hoops that can endure the most aggressive play. To match this commitment to safety, our basketball padding is expertly designed to shield players during intense gameplay. Goalrilla backboard padding offers unparalleled protection, ensuring you can play with confidence and focus solely on your game.

Built to Last, Built to Protect:
Our backboard padding is crafted using the sturdiest and most durable materials available. No matter the weather conditions, Goalrilla backboard padding will maintain its peak performance, delivering consistent protection throughout the entire lifespan of your Goalrilla system. With this exceptional durability, you can rely on Goalrilla to keep you safe, season after season.

A Perfect Fit for All:
The universal design of our backboard padding guarantees a seamless fit on all sizes of backboards. Whether you have a standard-sized hoop or a larger system, Goalrilla's padding will provide the same level of unmatched protection. Plus, installation is a breeze, saving you time and effort so you can get back to the game you love.

Elevate Your Game with Goalrilla:
Shop now and experience the ultimate peace of mind while you play. With Goalrilla's universal backboard padding, you can confidently push your limits and achieve your best performance, knowing you're protected by the best in the business. Elevate your game with Goalrilla and take your basketball experience to new heights!

Your safety matters, and Goalrilla has got your back – literally. Upgrade your system today with Goalrilla's exceptional universal backboard padding!

The Goalrilla Universal Backboard Pads are compatible with all Goalrilla basketball goals. For a full compatibility list: DC72E1, CV72, CV60, CV54, GS72c, GS60c, GS54c, FT72, FT60, FT54, GS54.

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