Trapeze Bar w/ Rings

Wide green, non-slip safety bar fitted with easy-to-hold plastic rings.

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Whether your little one is planning out their future starting from their big Olympic dreams and them wanting to join the circus, the trapeze bars from Woodplay will be sure to spark your child’s imagination even more! Go ahead and add a gymnastics flair to your outdoor playset with the Woodplay Durable Ring Trapeze Bar Combo with Large 50” Chains. The ultra-strong trapeze chains are 50 inches long with a plastisol coating covering the bottom 18 inches to ensure a comfortable and pinch-free grip, making you worry-free. Plus, not only are the trapeze bars good for swinging around, but they also help our kids get stronger and work on their balance, too. The trapeze bar emphasizes fun ways to get exercise, flexibility, stamina, and strength. Whether the kiddos just want to just hang around or try some new tricks and flips, the Woodplay trapeze bars might be the perfect addition to any playset for them.

The bright green bar and chain paired with the vibrant yellow handles will brighten any yard while maintaining an elegant style. The powder-coating covering the trapeze bar, the plastics used throughout the trapeze swing, and the plastisol used on the chains have all passed a 500-hour UV resistance test, so the fun never has to stop, and as a parent, you never have to worry about an accident happening. Let the fun start now and purchase a trapeze bar playset add-on accessory for your child today.

Enjoy safe outdoor fun for the whole family!

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  • TRAPEZE BAR — The playset ring trapeze bar is powder-coated and 21” in length
  • SWING DIMENSIONS — Swing chains are 50” long with plastisol coating on the bottom 18” for a soft and comfortable grip
  • COLORFUL DESIGN — Bar and chain are matching green while the handles are vibrant yellow
  • COMES ASSEMBLED — The trapeze bar comes fully assembled
  • UV RESISTANT — Powder coating, plastic, and plastisol used all passed a 500-hour UV resistance test

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