Tot Full Bucket Roto Molded

This infant swing that comes in bright colors that will not fade and is made of Polyethylene.

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This infant swing that comes in bright colors that will not fade and is made of Polyethylene. The dimensions of the seat are 12” across, 11” front to back, leg holes are 6.5” in diameter and the front of the seat is 8” deep with the back at 14”. This will minimize use by older children and adults. The width of the crotch band is 3.0”. It is rotational molded and is molded as a “double wall part”. The spacing between the walls is 1.5” for strength and rigidity. Perimeter walls-side, front and back are 1.25” apart. The seat bottom and back are at 90 degrees to each other with a transitional radius of 3.5” for comfort and strength. The angle between the front wall and the bottom is 7 degrees, therefore, putting the backrest at 7 degrees “off vertical” for a correct ergonomic position. This angle also provides for proper balance putting the infant’s weight slightly behind the hanging point thereby reducing the sensation of “tipping forward”. The seat bottom has four 1” diameter “molded-in” holes which act as columns for strength and support of the infant’s weight. These holes also provide drainage eliminating the collection of water in the swing. The leg holes are cut flush to the seat bottom and sides to reject the possibility of “cutting off” blood circulation in the child’s posterior thigh area. The seat perimeter frame has four integrally molded mounting points. The underside of each hole is counter-bored to allow for the locking nuts that attach the hanger to the seat to be fully encapsulated for safety and security. The hanger is constructed of .375” diameter stainless steel rod. The legs are of offset length so as to allow for the correct seat position and attitude when hung. All “eyes” and pivot joints are welded shut and de-burred for safety, strength, and security. The drop-forged, stainless steel, shouldered eyebolts are secured to the seat via flat stainless steel washers and .375” locknuts. This seat meets ASTM Standards both commercially and residentially.

Available in Black, Blue, Green, Red, and Yellow

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