Heavy Weight Flex Rim

Heavy-Weight Breakaway Rim

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It’s the most abused part of the basketball hoop. Luckily, we get that and we’ve built a basketball rim that can handle any abuse you want to throw at it.

Our rims are built to take on the full force of the game – and your dunks – year after year. They conform to the highest levels of safety and durability. It’s just one more example of our dedication to building the most authentic and rugged basketball goals on the planet.

Each Goalrilla basketball rim utilizes the all-steel strength and stainless steel components and is protected from the elements with a durable powder coat finish.

Our heavyweight rims define the word endurance. So do you!

Fits systems with a 5 x 5 bolt pattern.

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  • All-weather nylon basketball net
  • FLEXES UNDER PRESSURE — Includes Heavy Weight, Pro-Style Break away Rim and Nylon Net
  • LONG-LASTING QUALITY — Powder-Coated Rim and Stainless Steel Components
  • COMPATIBLE WITH — Fits Hoops with a 5" x 5" Bolt Pattern (Goalrilla DC72E1, CV72, CV60, CV54, GS72c, FT72, FT60, FT54)
  • INCLUDES - Rim Plus All-Weather Nylon Net
  • DOES NOT INCLUDE — This listing does not include a basketball backboard and only includes a rim and net
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