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Introducing the Advanced Goalrilla CV72S with STBLZR™ Technology – The Pinnacle of Residential Basketball Goals

Revolutionary STBLZR Technology for Unmatched Stability: The Goalrilla CV72S is not just a basketball goal – it's a game-changer. Equipped with our groundbreaking STBLZR Technology, available in both 60-inch and 72-inch backboard sizes, this hoop sets a new standard in residential basketball systems. STBLZR Technology dramatically reduces the "shake" of the goal after a dunk or rebound, ensuring complete stabilization at regulation height.

Quick Recovery for Continuous Play: Traditional basketball units may shake violently for extended periods after a shock. In contrast, the CV72S with STBLZR Technology quickly returns to a static position, minimizing downtime. This means more practice, uninterrupted skill development, and a seamless playing experience.

Innovative Design Inspired by Skyscraper Technology: Drawing inspiration from the technology used to stabilize skyscrapers during earthquakes, STBLZR Technology transforms the stability of your basketball goal. It simulates the performance of professional, arena-style hoops, bringing the high-end gym experience right to your driveway.

Rugged Construction with Superior Protection: True to the Goalrilla legacy, the CV72S is built with rugged steel for unmatched strength. To ensure its longevity and maintain its sleek look, the hoop is coated with DuPont® Powder Coating, offering robust protection against rust and UV damage.

The Ultimate Home Court Experience: With the Goalrilla CV72S and its STBLZR Technology, you're not just buying a basketball hoop – you're investing in an elite sporting experience. Ideal for players serious about their game, this goal delivers stability, durability, and the feel of a professional court, right at home.

Elevate your game with the Goalrilla CV72S – where innovative technology meets professional-grade performance!


The basketball hoop’s anchor is installed in concrete but gives you the option to unbolt the hoop if you need to move homes. The in-ground anchor is cured in concrete providing strength and stability. One major factor that will determine your installation location and which hoop you’d like to own is the overhang. Use the overhang chart to select the best position to install your hoop.

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  • 9" Anchor Kit
  • Heavy-Weight Breakaway Rim
  • Universal Backboard Padding

Backboard: 72″ x 42″ Clearview Glass

Glass: 1/2″ thick

Rim: Heavy-weight pro-style flex rim

Pole Size: 9 Gauge, 6″ x 8″ one-piece steel pole

Overhang: 4′ (welded extension arms)

Actuator: All-steel, 7.5′ to 10′ height adjustment

Coating: DUPONT® powder coating

Shipping Weight: 495 lbs.


Goalrilla is The Toughest Basketball System on the Planet™ and carries a limited lifetime warranty. However, it is not guaranteed against abuse or misuse, such as hanging on the rim, net, or backboard. Be sure to understand the guidelines for the proper use and keep your warranty in effect.

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