Woodplay Playsets: The Original Redwood Playset Company

Since 1975, Woodplay has built a reputation for quality outdoor Backyard Swingsets and Playsets. Woodplay brings you a safe way to engage children physically and mentally….and a fun way for your entire family to enjoy the growing-up days together.

Someday, when your children are grown, your Woodplay Playset may still be part of the family….creating wonderful childhood memories for yet another generation.

Why Woodplay?

Strongest Joints – Triple-joint construction and more through-bolts endure a rock-solid feel for superior safety and structural integrity resulting in less maintenance.

Bigger Beams – We mill our own timbers to be bigger and stronger. Woodplay beams measure up to true construction-grade dimensions, so we never whittle them down.

Smart Safety Features – For your family’s well-being, we adhere to proven standards for safety in the design of every backyard playset.

Swingier Swings – Woodplay’s standard swing beams are four to eight inches taller for greater swing travel and more fun.

Attractiveness – With the natural, sustainable, and aesthetic design, Woodplay compliments residential settings with unrivaled good looks.

Adaptability– Woodplay Playsets fit in any size yard while letting you customize and expand as your family grows.

Warranty – Quality materials and uncompromising structural integrity make Woodplay number one in durable performance.

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How do other brands stack up against Woodplay Playsets?

Make sure to examine the structure, grade of materials, safety features, styling, sustainability, and custom designs.