Woodplay Playsets: The Original Redwood Playset Company

Residential Playsets

Why buy residential playsets at your local Playground Warehouse?


We have been supplying and servicing backyard wooden playsets since 1989!  We take pride in offering The Original Redwood Playset, by Woodplay Playsets and the new metal swingsets by Vuly.

Local Showrooms

SEE, FEEL and TRY OUT the products prior to your purchase. Come visit one of our two showrooms/warehouses in Southern California.


Our playsets can be customized to fit your needs. We can easily add accessories and options to keep the playground exciting and new.


Playground Warehouse is a full-service dealer, so we can provide additional options and configurations to your existing Woodplay playset. We can also move and reinstall your playset to your new residence, and provide maintenance to keep your playset looking brand new.